Why it’s alright to wait

Our whole life is spent waiting for something – in the grocery line, on someone else,  to close on a house and a whole mess of other things. Most of us hate waiting but it’s a fact of life but sometimes it’s a good thing to wait.

Wait till you have enough energy

Sometimes we just don’t have the energy to do something. If we try to do it then it won’t be done to the standard we like. Waiting until we are back to our full energy can help us get it done correctly and with less time spent on it. For example I am a morning person. I have a ton of energy in the morning but by 4pm I am exhausted. I know to plan anything that really needs my focus for first thing in the morning when I am at my best. Find when you have the most energy and plan around that.

Wait until the time is right

Sometimes we just can’t do all the things and we need to put some things on hold. We need to wait till we can give them the proper attention. Just because you put something off till the time is right does not mean you need to forget about it. Just have a list of things you want to get done and when you do have free time then go to that list and tackle something on it.

Wait until you have the right tools

Sometimes you have to prepare before you can tackle a project. If you are going to repair a bike (which by the way I know nothing about) and you need a socket wrench (not sure what that even is) but you don’t have one well then you will have to put repairing the bike on hold until you get one. It’s the same with anything in life. If you don’t have everything you need to properly execute the project then you are not going to get anywhere. Plan out what you need and when you will get it and then you can start it.

 Wait until you can get help

Sometimes we can’t do everything ourselves and we need help. It is ok to need help and most people are happy to help you but you need to ask. If a project is too big or you run out of ways to tackle it. Ask someone to help you with it. Sometimes they are not available right away so put it on hold until you can get someone to help with it. It will get done faster and more efficient with help.

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why it's alright to wait

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