10 things no one told you about trick or treating

When my first kid was old enough I couldn’t wait to take them trick or treating. To get them dressed up in a cute costume and then take them door to door to get candy. I thought it was going to be so much fun and some years it is. Other years are disasters. Here are ten things no one told us about trick or treating with kids.

1.  There is no such thing as enough candy

Your kids will never think they have enough even when they are dragging their bags on the ground. There will always be another house to go to. Even when you are ready to go home and call it a night, your kid will not be.

trick or treating

2.  Your kids will run

They will be so excited that as soon as they get the candy at one house they will run to the next completely forgetting that you are even there.

3. Someone will have to pee

It always happens when you go out. Sometimes people are nice and let you use their bathroom and sometimes to have to walk back to your house.

4. Someone will get tired of walking

They will want you to carry them from house to house. It’s a great workout for you.

5. Someone will cry

Someone will not get the candy they want or think that their sibling has more candy then them. They will find any reason to cry.

trick or treating

6. The weather will not always be kind

It was in the negatives one year and snowing but my kids still wanted to go. They complained about the weather the entire time but they still wanted to get the candy.

7. Mommy will eat too much candy too

Then you wake up with a stomachache the next day but the candy was so good.

8. Someone will try to scare your kid

No matter how little they are someone will try to scare them. This might make them hate Halloween forever.

9. The costume will get dirty

It’s either from them falling on the ground or candy but something will get on the costume.

10. You will still do it again next year

No matter what happens we still love taking our kids out and seeing them having a good time. That’s why we keep doing it.

trick or treating

What are some of your things that no one told you about trick or treating.? I would love to hear your stories. Let me know in the comments below.

trick or treating

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