Are you too busy?

Do you feel like you are always running around doing everything? You never seem to get a chance to just sit down and relax.  It seems that everyone is busy these days and doesn’t have time for anything. But are we so busy that we are forgetting to stop and enjoy life? Why do we feel this need to be busy all the time? It’s like a badge of honor to say that you are busy. Here are some reasons that you might feel you have to be busy and can’t slow down:

Fear of missing out on something

We try to do all the things because we don’t want to miss anything. If we say no to something then we might miss a great opportunity. If the things you are doing don’t bring you happiness then you are missing out on life.  Spending your life doing things just because you are afraid of missing out isn’t living your life to the fullest.

Next time someone asks you to do something ask yourself if it’s something that you really want to do. Don’t think about what you will miss out on if you don’t go, instead think what you will miss out on if you do go. Maybe you could relax instead of going or spend time with someone important to you.

Putting too much pressure on yourself

Do you think that you have to do everything yourself? You feel that you are the only one who can do it correctly. This use to be me. I hated asking for help or letting anyone do anything for me. This lead to burn out and an emotional breakdown from me.

Th thing is that we cannot do everything. There are other people in this world who want to help and starting to accept that help is hard. If you need help asking for and accepting help from others then check out my Free Learning to Ask for Help course. It will walk you through the steps to finally ask for the help your need. Click HERE to find out more about it.

Feeling like you have to be doing something

Our minds are always going. With access to so many things from our phone it’s hard not to be busy. We feel like we can’t just sit and do nothing. Society considers us lazy if we are doing nothing. Sometimes we need it though. We can get burnt out so easily especially if we are always busy. Sitting quietly will allow you to calm down and regroup.

Sometimes we have to have busy days but we need to balance it with days of rest too. We need to include the things that bring us joy so we can truly enjoy our lives. Start fitting those things in your schedule first and then work around them. You deserve to be happy so slow down and enjoy life!

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