Time Management to overcome Perfection


Another area in your life that can help with the need for perfection is time management. I know I always feel less than perfect when I forget an event or I’m running late to something. Well time management will not make you perfect it will make you feel like you have your life together. It can help when you are planning events to make sure that you get everything done that you want to and can help eliminate the mom guilt about forgetting something. Here a two of my time management tips to help you accomplish more so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Plan ahead of time

Well of course this is the first one. Everyone says to plan ahead of time but I have a different approach for planning and this will help with last minute things too. Most of our stress comes from not feeling like we have enough time to get everything done. Especially when things get sprung on us. Planning can help you feel less stressed and more prepared. You can also still feel like you are doing the one or two big things “perfectly”. Planning helps you get everything done and done how you want it.

The best way to plan for anything is to start at the end. Figure out what time things need to be done by then plan the steps backwards. Example: Baking a cake for a party. List out each step and then give then each a date and time to be accomplished.

If you work backwards and have a plan then you can execute everything on time and create less stress. So focus on one thing at time.

Schedule time for things that are important to you and your family

We put doctor’s appointments, business trips and school events on our calendar but do we ever put in time for ourselves or time to just cuddle with one of our kids (or husband). Start scheduling time for yourself in your calendar and keep it like it’s an appointment you can’t miss. Having time for yourself will let you stop and recharge. Do something you enjoy. Make this the first thing you schedule into your daily calendar even if it’s only 10 minutes.

Put in family time too. We like to have a game night once a month with the kids so I plan it out. Schedule in time to do nothing but hang out with your kids. It’s so important for our sanity to know that we are getting in quality time with our kids. It will make us feel like good mothers and the best part is our kids don’t care if we are perfect so we can let that go when we are with them.

When I feel the stress and overwhelm coming on I stop and adjust my priorities and make a plan. This has helped me so much and I am hoping it helps you too.

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using time management to overcome perfection


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