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Planning Backwards

Planning Backwards

I know that I feel less than perfect when I forget something or I’m late.  Now that I’m on this journey to overcome perfection I know I don’t have to be perfect but it feels nice when everything falls into place.  In order for that you happen you have to plan. What has worked well for me is planning backwards. These are the steps I take to make sure that I can execute my plan and be prepared for any event (well most of the time).

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5 Things I do in the evening to have a better Morning

You always hear people say that in order to have a good morning you need to start the night before. I do believe this is true. My mornings are anything but perfect. You can read about my mornings HERE but there are some things I do the night before so I don’t feel so rushed in the mornings.

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Learning to Love Yourself

One of the hardest things to do is to learn to love yourself. With my need to be perfect all the time I never felt I was good enough. I always compared myself to other people who I thought were getting it right. I never took time for me because I felt I needed to keep going to keep up with all the other “perfect” moms out there.

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How to be more Positive

It seems there is something negative everywhere you look. On the news, social media and even in everyday life. It’s hard to keep a positive attitude with so many negative vibes all around us. My sister recently asked me how I stay so positive all the time and I had to stop for a minute. I’m not positive all the time and I’m surprised that anyone thought so. But then I stopped and thought about it. I like to see others smile so maybe I am positive around other people because I don’t like to upset them with negative things. So these are the five things I thought of that I do everyday to stay positive and I hope they help.

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Doing Away with Mom Guilt

Mom guilt – we all have it. There is always something that we feel we are doing wrong or something that we see other moms doing better than us. It’s always there in the back of our minds making us feel like horrible moms. We need to stop and just realize that we are doing the best we can.

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5 Tips to a less Stressed Holiday


5 tips to a less stressed holiday

Happy Holidays! I’m going to keep this short and sweet because I know that we are all busy getting everything ready for the holiday season.

I use to run around like a crazy person trying to make the holidays perfect which would just stress me and everyone else out. I’m offering my top 5 tips to a less stressed holiday. These are the tips that I am following this year so I can have a relaxing and enjoyable holiday.

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