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When you don’t feel like it

Don't feel like it

Do you ever feel like you just do not want to do something? Not just the I’m tired and don’t feel like it but the I don’t feel this is right for me or this does not bring me joy feeling.

If you are just doing something because it’s what other people are doing or what you feel they expect from you but you are miserable then I’m giving you permission right now to stop doing it. Life is too short to spend on things that make you unhappy.  Here are a few of my tips to help when you don’t want to do something.

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Trying to be Perfect at Everything

I use to be a perfectionist. I would drive myself crazy worrying about every little detail and trying to make everything just right. Not only did I drive myself crazy but I drove everyone around me crazy too. My kids had to have the perfect outfit, birthday and presents. Every time my husband did something to help me out it wasn’t good enough because he did it wrong. I would spend entire weekends cleaning my house so it looked amazing (which is next to impossible with 3 kids). I was getting burnt out trying to make my life look perfect.

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Is the Problem Really Your Weight?

From a young age we always hear the women in our lives say they need to lose a few pounds or go on a diet. Why are women so obsessed with a number on the scale? Your worth should not be determined by a number. It should be determined by how you feel.

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Does having the “perfect” life make you happy?


does having the perfect life make you happy

I have a vision in my head of what my “perfect” life looks like. I have a beautiful house, new car, well behaved kids (all the time), nice clothes and I never have to worry about money. But who really has that? No one and even if they did, it doesn’t mean that they are happy. You have to learn to be happy where you are now. If you aren’t then what makes you think that buying things is going to change that.

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How I’m working on not having the “perfect” birthday party for my kids

Not worrying about the perfect birthday party
My oldest is turning 16 this week. It’s hard to believe. I came into her life when she was 10 months old. Technically she is my step-daughter but I have been raising her since she came into my life so she is my daughter in every sense of the word. It’s hard to believe that the time has gone this fast.

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The three things that make me feel like I have my life together

The three things that make me feel like I have my life together

Most days I try my best to have it together and most days I fail. Once in a while I have an amazing day and figured out it’s when these three things align. I notice that I’m a happier person and I have more patience. I live in the real world though so I can’t get these three things to align all the time but I’m working on it and that’s all that I can do. I know I don’t have to do all three perfectly but as long as I can get them done it usually helps me get through the day.

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