Stress Free Holiday

This time of year is busy and usually stressful. We are running around trying to find the best present and make the holiday perfect for everyone. It doesn’t have to be this way. Here are some tips to have a stress free holiday and actually enjoy it.

Make a list

Make a list of everyone that you have to buy presents for.  Write down some ideas for them too. It doesn’t have to be in any order just brain dump. Then keep that list with you at all times. When you are at a store pull it out and actually use it. Keep track of who you have already gotten for.

This will help you feel more in control of what you have to do and create less stress around making sure you got everyone. Just make sure to actually use the list.

Easy to make dishes

When you are invited to a party, pick something easy to bring. You are busy this month and spending extra time in the kitchen doesn’t sound fun (unless you love to cook or bake then go for!). Pick simple dishes like cheese and crackers or chips and dip to bring to a party. You do not have to make a dish from scratch. People usually understand that you are busy this month and we gladly accept anything you bring.

Stop searching for the perfect gift

Remember that old saying, “It’s the thought that counts”. It’s true. You will only stress yourself out running around trying to find something perfect for someone. Most people are actually happy with a gift card. I know it’s impersonal but at least you know they will actually use it.

Bonus tip:

Keep extra gift cards in your purse for those times that someone gets you a gift but you forgot about them. You can always give them a gift card. If you don’t use them after the holidays then you can just use them yourself and you are not out any money.

Just look at the lights

Sit in the dark with either the Christmas tree lights on, the lights from the menorah, or just some candles. Sit in the dark and drink a warm beverage and just loo at the lights. Remember the reason for the season and a take a night off to just appreciate it.

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stress free holiday

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