Small Changes

How many of you have a goal for this year? I know I do and this year I actually want to accomplish it. In order to do that we need to make small changes to our every day life instead of trying to change everything at once. Here are some tips to make small changes in your life:

Have a plan

You need to know exactly what you need to do to accomplish your goal. Write out all the steps and things that need to happen. Write down every little detail that you need to actually accomplish this goal.

Put them in order

Next put the steps in order. What do you need to do first? For example if your goal is to lose weight you don’t want to go buy new clothes first. You need to pick a fitness plan, buy groceries and schedule time to workout before you go buy any clothes.

Put a date on it

Assign dates for when each step will be added into your life. You don’t want to do all the steps at the same time. Maybe try to add one step a week or wait till you master the first step then add the next. Decide when each change will added to your daily life.

Action, Action, Action!!

Nothing will be accomplished if you don’t take action. Start your plan! Don’t wait! The first step can be started today. You have to put in the work and actually make the small changes in order to be successful. Take action now!

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small changes

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