Setting Priorities

One of my favorite quotes is: There is not enough time to do everything, but there’s enough time to do the important things. It is so true. Are you focusing on your priorities every day or are you so busy that you never get to them? Setting our intentions for the day and doing what is most important to us will help our day go smoother. We will also feel so much more accomplished. Here are some tips to help you make sure that you are setting your priorities for the day and not letting the day set them for you.

Choose what is most important to you

When you plan your day decide what is the most important thing that needs to be is for that day. It could be spending time with your kids, cooking dinner, going to work or grocery shopping. What is the one thing (and yes only one) that you have to get done today that will make tomorrow easier. If you know that if you don’t spend time with your kids today that you will feel guilty about it tomorrow then make that the most important thing to do today. It does not have to be housework or running errands. It can be as simple as feeling you need to spend time with someone or you need to rest. Only you can decide what is the most important thing for that day.

Stick to three things a day

You are only choosing on important thing that absolutely needs to get done for that day but there are usually other things that you need to do too. Try to stick to only three things a day otherwise you will overwhelm yourself. Put those three things in order of importance and then work through them in order.

Focus on one thing at a time

Be completely present with the task that you are doing in that moment. Stop worrying about the other things on your to-do list and give 100% to the item you are working on now. The other to-do tasks will still be there and worrying isn’t going to make them go away. Be present and give all of yourself to the moment that you are in.

Complete one item before moving on to another

Make sure to complete one task before you move one. Multi-tasking doesn’t really help and can distract you. We want to hurry through each item so we can cross it off our list (it is very satisfying to be able to cross an item off). Make sure you are completing it completely before moving on otherwise what you didn’t get done will still be there tomorrow for you to do.

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