Loving yourself is hard but so important. We give so much of ourselves to everyone else but then forget to take care of ourselves. This will leave us depleted and not feeling good about ourselves. I want to teach you why sending yourself some love is so important.

It’s hard to love ourselves. There is so much pressure on us to be the perfect woman, mom, child or friend. When we don’t reach that perfection then we feel inadequate and not good enough. We berate ourselves and say so many negative things about ourselves. That needs to stop! This course will show you why you are important, how you can overcome those outside pressures and how to do small things to love yourself everyday. The goal of his course is to help you stop reaching for perfection and accept yourself for who you are.

What lessons do you get?

Lesson 1 – Why it’s important to love yourself

Lesson 2 – It’s going to be a hard journey

Lesson 3 – Connecting with yourself

Lesson 4 – Doing what is important to you

Lesson 5 – Show yourself love everyday

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