Self-Care Printable


We hear all the time that we should be doing more self-care. That self-care is so good for us and helps use recharge. That’s great and it sounds like something that you want to do but what exactly should you be doing. What activity counts as self-care? How do you find time to fit self-care in?

Self-care: what is it?

Self-care is any activity that refuels your energy and helps you take care of yourself. It can be anything but sometimes it’s hard to think of things you can do especially when you only have a small amount of time. This printable will give you a list of self-care activities by how much time you have to do them. Self-care doesn’t have to be an all day event. You can sneak it in whenever you have time.

This printable includes self-care activities to do based on how much time you have. If you only have 5 minutes then this printable has a whole list of great self-care ideas that only take 5 minutes to do. Self-care doesn’t have to take long. The only goal is to recharge your energy and give you time to focus on you.

What does this printable include?

This one page printable has a 4 sections, each representing how much time you have. It has 5 minutes, 10-15 minutes, 30 minutes and all day activities to help you fit in self-care. There are 10 activities in each section and you can pick and choose the ones you like. This printable is to be used to give you ideas of what to do to give yourself some love and care.

If you have longer like a whole day then there are activities for you too. No matter how much tie you have there is a list of activities that will work for you. The best part is you can pick and choose which ones you like and actually want to do. You do not have to do them all! Pick what works for you and that you enjoy.

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self-care printable