Times you are most productive

We all have that time of day when we are more productive. We are usually either a morning person or a night owl.  Have you ever put any thought into the time of week, month or year that you are more productive? We all have seasons that are busier then others and we need to adjust our schedules and plan for those seasons.


We usually start the week with more energy but by Wednesday or Thursday we start slowing down. I know by Thursday I have to push myself harder, that is why I schedule my harder tasks at the beginning of the week. Those tasks that take more brain power or energy like writing my blogs, meal planning and cleaning the house. By Thursday I don’t want to think too much and I am exhausted from the week.  By planning my week around my energy levels I am able to get more down and be more productive.


As women we all have that time of the month where we slow down and have no energy. I know during that time that I will not be very productive. Tracking that time of the month so you know when those days will be will help you to know not to plan any big events or harder tasks on those days.

At the beginning of the month I have new goals for the month and I’m ready to tackle them. I plan more time to work on those goals at the beginning of the month as I know I will wind down. Decide what works for you. Maybe you get more energy at the end of the month knowing that you haven’t met your goal yet and that pushes you.


Usually the busy time of year for everyone is December. With the holidays and everything else going on I usually don’t plan much that month. I like to relax and enjoy the season. There are also those other times of the year that you know you will be busy. For example I know during baseball season I will be out of the house almost every evening and weekend. So during April to June I don’t plan any big events.

This can work the opposite way too. January and February are usually slower months as everyone settles down from the holidays. I put my big projects during those months because I have more time. Look at your yearly calendar and decide when you usually have more time and plan some projects you want to get done during those times.

If we don’t plan around our energy, the seasons or our time of the month then we usually won’t have time to get done what we want to which leads to overwhelm and stress.  If you are having trouble with feeling overwhelmed then try out my free 5 day challenge called From Overwhelmed to Not. It will walk you through 5 video lessons that will give you tips and tricks to tackle overwhelm. Click HERE to learn more or sign up below.


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