Pick One Thing

I have been really overwhelmed lately. We are in the middle of moving, it’s baseball season, my daughter has track and dance and I’m looking for a new job. Needless to say we are busy. I hate that word busy. I hate being busy. So I have adapted a pick one thing system. So far it has made me feel less overwhelmed and more like I have a handle on my life.

My Planner

I have a planner that has a section for morning, afternoon and evening. It has a big square area where you can write everything that you have to do. While I decided in each section I am only putting one thing to do. I am picking the most important task for each section of the day and only focusing on that one thing. That is the one thing that I have to do.

Now there are other little things that I do need to do but I am picking the most important thing that no matter what I need to put all my focus on and get done. If I don’t get to the little things than I am not going to stress over it as long as I get the big thing done.

Examples: Morning

Every morning I want to workout. That is the one thing that I want to accomplish every morning. I also like to journal, catch up on some work or watch YouTube videos but the one thing that I am focusing on is working out. I have to get that done every morning. That is the first thing I am doing when I wake up every morning to ensure it gets done. So think of the one thing you know you need to do every morning. Put that as your one thing and then do it as soon as you get up so nothing distracts you later from doing it.

Most of us work during the day. I work 8am-4pm with a half hour lunch. During my lunch break I try to get one thing done. Each day is different. Some days I work on a blog post. Others I like to take a walk or eat lunch with a friend. This is the one thing I put in the afternoon section so I feel I am accomplishing at least one thing during the work day.

Examples: Evenings

The evenings are harder. I have my kids, activities and dinner to get accomplished. Some nights my one thing is a baseball game. I just have to focus on getting my son to his game. Other nights it’s picking my daughter up from after school activity (that’s definitely one thing I don’t want to forget is her). On nights I feel lazy I will just put down cuddle with my kids and watch a movie.

I know with everything going on after work that sometimes putting just one thing down is really hard but find the thing you cannot miss or forget to do. Yes some evenings I have two or three things because I can’t forget any of my kids.

My point

The point of this is to not feel so overwhelmed everyday but filling up your schedule every second of the day. When I see my schedule is jammed packed I get anxiety and stressed. I like to look and see it only says one thing I have to do. When I see that I’m actually more productive because once I do that one thing I feel accomplished and then sometimes I pick another thing (only after the one thing is done) to tackle.

Don’t overload your schedule. Give yourself time to breathe and relax.  Try the one thing method for a week and see how you feel.

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pick one thing


  1. Bridget | This Mom Life

    June 5, 2017 at 9:05 am

    I read this post last night and it really reasonated with me. Starting the week off and prioritizing 1 thing that I absolutely want to accomplish. It feels good to have a laser focus. Thanks for sharing!

    1. JillianGrover

      June 6, 2017 at 4:52 am

      So glad that it helped you. It has helped my stress level so much by focusing on only one thing. Plus then we give 100% to that one thing so it’s done right. Thank you so much for reading. I appreciate it!

  2. Why we feel less than perfect: Time Management - Doing Away With Perfect

    July 9, 2017 at 5:13 am

    […] When you first plan your day think of the one thing that you know you have to get done that day. The thing that no matter what it has to be taken care of. Focus on the one item first. Only put that thing on your planner and when you are going to do it. Having to only focus on one thing makes us less stressed and keeps our mind focused. You can read a post I wrote about only having one thing on your schedule HERE. […]

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