10 Reasons to put down your phone

Our phones seem to control our lives. Wherever we go you can see people on their phones. Instead of connecting with the people or things around them they are bent over scrolling through their phones. I am working on putting down my phone more and being more present. Here are 10 reasons to put your phone down more.

Your Family

How do you want your family to remember you? As being with them and engaging in conversion or as always being on your phone. These are the most important people in your life. We need to show them that more. Next time someone in your family is talking put down the phone and give them your undivided attention. Let them know they are important to you.

Your Friends

We can make a lot of friends online. I know I have but there is something to be said about face to face connection and conversion. Meet a friend for coffee and keep your phone in your purse. Strength your friendship so when you need someone they will be there for you. If they think you care more about what is on your phone then them, chances are they won’t be there for you when you need them.

Your Pets

Your pets are like your family. They care about you and want your attention too. So even if you only live with your dog or cat, put down the phone and show them love too.

Your mind

Scrolling through Facebook or Instagram is not going to stimulate your brain. Stop scrolling and pick up a book and educate your brain. Give it something meaningful to learn so you can continue to grow it.

Your stress level

How many times have you seen something online and have gotten upset about it? Social media can raise our stress levels to dangerous levels. Stress is bad for your health and well being. Do some less stressful activities such as go for a walk or take a bath.

Your Sleep

The blue light from your screen can keep you up later at night and make it hard to fall asleep. Put your phone in another room so you are not tempted to look at it when you wake up in the middle of the night. Give your mind and eyes a break so you can get the sleep you need.

Your safety

How many times have you been looking down at your phone and almost tripped or bumped into someone? Be more aware of your surroundings and actually take time to enjoy them,.Nature is beautiful but if you walk with your face in your phone you will miss it.

Your thumbs

Our thumbs are always going a mile a minute when we are texting. This can cause problems with your thumbs and make them start to hurt. Give your thumbs a break and get a manicure instead or play a board game with family members.

Your self-value

There is a lot of self-comparison that goes on on social media. We can start to question our value and who we are. Put the phone down and read a self-help book or meditate. Get in touch with who you are and stop comparing your life to people on the internet.

Your Life

Life is meant to live and enjoy. If your head is always down you will miss it. Don’t let life pass you by because you were too busy on your phone. You don’t have to take pictures of everything. Sometimes the memories are better.

If you need help putting your phone down more then join me as I challenge myself too to put the phone down and enjoy life more. Click HERE to read more about my free Putting Your Phone Down course or sign up below.



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