When the perfectionist monster comes out

As a recovering perfectionist I know that buried deep inside me I have a monster waiting to be unleashed.  A monster who thinks everything has to be perfect. Who wants everything just right.  This monster comes out when things are not in order and there is chaos. Unfortunately this monster is not very nice and changes the mood of the house in seconds.

I am trying to be more relaxed and go with the flow but then I see the dirty dishes all over the counter, socks on the floor and toothpaste all over the bathroom sink. Seeing my house not look clean and perfect will bring the monster out. The perfectionist monster yells and gets upset over the smallest things. No one in the house likes her and tries to steer clear of her when she is out. I hate when this monster comes out too but sometimes I can’t control it. Seeing things out of place sets her off but I’ve come up with a few tips to help tame the monster.

Take a deep breathe

When you see something that you know this monster will not like, pause and take a deep breathe. Taking a deep breathe is known for calming you down. As you breathe push that monster down with your breathes until you feel it go into hiding again.

Get away from it

Go to a separate room by yourself or go outside. Sometimes getting away from the situation will tame the monster. Distancing yourself can give you time to think too and not say something in the moment that could hurt someone.

exercise or meditiate

Moving your body or getting out of your head is a great way to reduce stress and make that monster go back to it’s hiding spot. Both exercise and meditate are known to reduce stress and help you relax more. Go for a short walk, do a Youtube workout or meditate or just go sit quietly somewhere. It doesn’t have to be an intense workout to have an effort.

Whatever you have to do to keep the monster at bay then do. It may be different for everyone so try some things and do what works for you.

when the perfectionist monster comes out

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