Is perfectionism taking over


When you are running around trying to make everything perfect, what can you do in that moment to stop and realize that things do not need to be perfect? Here are the steps to take when that perfectionist mindset is taking over.

Take a deep breathe

Breathe in through your nose and out your mouth. I know it sounds weird but just stopping and focusing on your breathing can help relax you.  It can calm your stress and give you a moment of rest.

Decide what has to be done

Instead of worrying about every little detail, decide what one or two things have to be done in order to move on. Focusing on those things and giving them your 100% attention is better than focusing on a lot of things and only giving them a little bit of your attention.  Remember that done is better than perfect so just get the project done.

Let it go

Now I know this might be hard but do those one or two things that need to be done and let the rest go. Do not keep worrying about them. Chances are you are the only one who is focusing on what is wrong with them. Take a deep breath and tell yourself that you did the best you could. Just let the rest go and relax knowing you finished it.

Focus on the positive

Try to control all those negative voices in your head. Turn those negative things into positive ones. Focus on what you did do and accomplished. Be proud that you got it done and be proud that you let the rest go. Congratulate yourself You deserve to praise yourself and be proud of yourself.

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