Is Perfectionism masking fear?


Do you ever have something that you are just really scared of doing? You are afraid you will fail or afraid of what people will think of you. Do you not even start something because you don’t think  you can do it perfectly? Are you just using that as an excuse?

Let’s dive deeper into these questions and find out what is really holding you back. Are you just using perfectionism as an excuse not to do something that is outside your comfort zone? You think that you won’t be perfect at it so you don’t think you should even try. Let’s stop using perfectionism as an excuse to not live life and try new things. Here are a few of my tips to stop making excuses and finally do the things you want to do

Find out your why

Why do you want to do this thing? Is it something that will be fun, advance your business or just something you always wanted to try?  Dig deep and find out why. Maybe you will realize that you don’t even want to do it but everyone else is so that’s why you thought you should too. If that is the case then cross it off your list. You do not need to do it.

Find out what is holding you back

Why haven’t you done it yet? Are you worried about it not being perfect, are you afraid you will fail or just don’t know how to get started? Now this might be hard to admit to yourself but really think about why it is that you haven’t done it.  Don’t lie to yourself, be honest about the reason.

Find out how you can overcome these reasons

If you are afraid of it not being perfect, how can you get rid of that fear? Well first tell yourself that there is no such thing as perfect. No matter how hard you try it will never be perfect so why not just go for it and see what happens? If you are afraid of failure then remember that even if you fail there is always a lesson to learn. One of my favorite quotes is by Thomas Edison, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Look at your failure as a learning experience.

List all the things that could go wrong then write down how you would feel and how you can overcome them or fix them. Keep that list with you when you doing it so you can remember what to do if a situation comes up.

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Is perfectionism masking a fear



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