The “perfect” Christmas

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love the music, lights, and peaceful feeling I get. The best thing is seeing my kids faces when they see the presents under the tree. I use to go overboard trying to make the pile of presents look huge. I would get things from the dollar store (that they never played with) to make it look like more. But then I realized that I was spending money on things that they never even touched or the toy would end up on their floors. It created more clutter which then would stress me out. But again I was trying to make everything perfect.

Then I stopped and thought about it. Wouldn’t my kids rather get something they would actually use or play with almost everyday instead of just random toys. Yes, the legos cost a lot more than the dollar tree toys. But they actually play with them (and usually get along when they do which is priceless!). I would rather spend more on something they use and there be less presents under the tree than having more presents but they don’t play with any of them.

I am definitely that mom that says I am not spending $80 on a toy. It seems ridiculous to me. It is still hard to get out of that mindset. I still think $80 on one toy is crazy but if my son is actually going to play with it everyday and love it then maybe it is worth it. Instead of getting him $80 worth of random toys that he doesn’t touch I would rather he actually played with something. So if I get him the $80 toy that means that his pile of presents will be small.

As a mom I don’t want to disappointment him when he comes downstairs on Christmas morning. But I also have to take this as a lesson. Tell him that he got something he really wanted instead of a bunch of toys he didn’t want. I need to explain that some kids are not as lucky (teaching my children about people who are less fortunate than us is another blog post but it’s something I’m working on).This is the perfect time of year to be grateful for what you do have. I need to learn to appreciate what I am able to give my kids. We are extremely lucky to be able to afford to buy our kids toys at Christmas time.

So this year I am going to scale back and get them things they will really enjoy. It might mean my tree isn’t overflowing in the morning with gifts but our house will definitely be overflowing with love. Plus the kids might not even notice and I’m worrying for nothing like us moms always do.

the perfect christmas

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