Turning negative thoughts to positive ones

How many times a day do you tell yourself something negative? I know I usually hear “you’re not good enough” or “you will never lose the weight” at least once a day.  We are our own worst enemy. I would never ever talk to another person like that so why do we talk to ourselves like that.

I started this new strategy of turning my negative thoughts to positive ones. It doesn’t always help but it’s better then letting that negative thought sit there in my head because the longer it sits there the more I believe it. I want to get that negative thought out of my head as soon as possible and replace it with a thought that will actually help me and make me feel better about myself. No one wants to go around all day feeling miserable. Here are a few tips that I do to help turn those negative thoughts around:

Figure out why I’m thinking that way

Why am I telling myself these negative things? Do I really believe them or am I just having a moment of weakness? Did someone else make me feel this way? Figure out why you feel that way. You might have to dig deep for this one. Once you figure out why you are feeling that way it’s easier to understand the problem and work to overcome it. For example when I tell myself that I will never lose the weight it’s because for the last 6 months I have started and stopped working out and eating right so many times I lost count. I believe I won’t because I don’t really try. The past doesn’t matter anymore I just need to focus on what I can do today.

Reword your thoughts

If you are telling yourself something negative then reword what you are thinking. If you tell yourself I am a horrible mother I forgot to bring cupcakes to my daughter’s school, reword that and tell  yourself “yes I forgot one event but I have been to many events and I know my daughter will forgive me for this because I am a good mom. The fact that I feel guilty for forgetting proves I’m a good mom.” Now doesn’t that thought make you feel better than the thought that you are a horrible mom. So next time a negative thought comes into your head stop and think of a way to change it around.

Write it out

If you have a thought that you just cannot shake and no matter how many times to reword it you still don’t believe it then journal about it. Getting everything out of your head helps clear your mind and relieves stress. Plus when you write sometimes things come out that you never knew you were thinking and maybe you can get to the root of those negative thoughts.

Talk to someone

Hearing other people’s perspectives can help a lot. Find someone you trust who will tell you the truth and talk it over with them. Hearing someone else say it’s alright to feel this way and to offer advice can help so much.

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Turn negative thoughts to positive thoughts

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