Morning Routine

In a perfect world I would jump out of bed before my alarm goes off, workout and be ready to start my day without even drinking any coffee. But unfortunately I don’t live in a perfect world. My morning routine is usually the same Monday through Friday and involves a lot of pep talk to get me moving. I thought I would take you through my morning because I like looking at other people’s schedule and seeing what they do so I thought it would be fun to show you what I do.

4:45am: Alarm goes off. I know that is an ungodly hour and it is still dark out.  I don’t hit snooze. Hitting snooze was actually making getting up even worse so I did stop doing that even though I really want to on most days. I spend 10 minutes scrolling Facebook, checking my mail and convincing myself why I should get out of my nice warm bed to go workout.

4:55am: I drag my half asleep body out of bed and go change into my workout clothes. It is very important that the first thing I do is change into my workout clothes or I will not workout. I found that I use every excuse I can sometimes so changing is the first step.

5:00am: I go downstairs and make my husband’s coffee (he gets up at 6:15 and leaves for work at 6:30 – must be nice to only need 15 minutes to get ready). I also get my coffee ready and get everything set up to workout. Another pep talk and I finally start working out.

5:30am: Workout done! Working out make me feel great and more awake. I try to tell myself to remember this feeling tomorrow when I don’t want to work out but it never works. I sit down and take my first sip of coffee. It is heaven and one of the best parts of my day.

5:35am: I take this time to pray, journal and plan out my day. I call it my brain dump time. I get all my worries, stresses and to do lists out of my head to clear it for the day. This is a very important part of my day. It helps me feel like I at least have some part of my life in order.

5:50am: I post my first post (usually an inspirational quote) on social media and watch any videos that I saved on Facebook.

6:00am: My son usually comes downstairs at this time to snuggle with me. We watch Youtube videos together because it’s kind of my relaxing time before the busyness of the day begins.

6:15am: My husband comes downstairs and is upset because he was hoping to snuggle with me for a few before he went to work but my son is there and there is no way my son is giving up his mommy right now.

6:30am: I make breakfast for the kids. It’s nothing fancy usually a bagel or waffle with fruit. Then I go wake up my middle daughter. She pops right out of bed and is ready to go (wish I had her energy).

6:45am: This is the magic time I have to be in the shower by or we will be late. It usually takes me about 20 minutes to shower and get ready for the day but most days it’s longer because the kids keep coming in the bathroom needing me for something or other.

7:15am: I’m usually freaking out by this time because my son who I thought was dressed is not and is just playing in his room. My daughter can’t find something that she has to wear to school today and is in a mood now. I run around solving their problems and getting everything in order to get out the door. I also make sure my oldest is up and getting ready as her bus comes after I leave for work.

7:30am: Somehow we always seem to make it out the door in time to catch the bus. As soon as the bus leaves I get in my car and drive to work.

Yep that’s usually how most mornings go. I really enjoy my alone time to think in the morning. Most mornings that’s what actually gets me out of bed (and that first sip of coffee).  Alone time is worth getting up early for. I know if I don’t workout in the morning then I probably won’t get it in. So I make myself get up earlier to do it first thing. I would love to hear how your mornings go and what do you look forward to in your morning routine. Comment below or email me and let me know. I would love to connect.



  1. Amy Crooks

    February 3, 2017 at 5:21 pm

    I really loved reading this! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your routine.

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