10 Ways to Love Yourself More

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. It’s the day that we show everyone how much we love and appreciate them. But what about the most important person – yourself? Are you showing yourself love and appreciating all that you do everyday. Here are 10 ways to show yourself some love any time of the year.

Take care of your body

Move your body everyday! You don’t have to do an intense hour long workout everyday but go for a walk, ride your bike or do a quick 10 minute workout. Anything to get your body moving. It will improve your mood and make you feel good.

Take care of your soul

Do something that makes your soul happy. It can be something you are passionate about, a hobby or just meditating to connect with yourself more. Just do whatever lights your soul on fire.

Take care of your environment

Sometimes the environment where we are can stress us out. This can be a messy house, a loud party or a bad work situation. We need to make sure that the environment we hang out in the most is not draining us and causing us stress. Do a quick pick up of your house, leave a party that is too loud and see if you can make a work situation better. Do whatever you can to make sure where you spend your time the most is a place you enjoy.

Take care of your mind

What our mind tells us has a huge impact on how we love ourselves. Make sure you are taking time to set the right mindset and quiet that mean voice in your head. Read some self-help books or watch some Ted Talks. They will help you get into the right mindset to love yourself.

Take care of your relationships

Show the people who mean the most to you how much you love them. Doing kind things for them will also make you feel good. We need people in our lives to connect with and feel safe with. Show those people that they are important to you and they will show you in return.

Take care of your spiritually

No matter what you believe in, make sure you are devoting time to it. Whatever this looks like to you make sure to add it in to your daily routine. Connecting spiritually makes us feel stronger and like we are not alone.

Take care of your passion

Whatever you are passionate about, make sure you are spending time doing it. We can get so busy that we forget about our hobbies and things  we love to do. Find some time in your schedule to do something you love.

Take care of your education

Just because we are not in school anymore doesn’t mean our mind don’t need to learn still. There is always new things to learn. Find a topic that you are interested in and read a book about it or watch a movie about it. Make sure you are still educating yourself about the topics you are passionate about.

Take care of your time

Make sure you are not over scheduling yourself so that you are too busy to enjoy life. Lave some space in your calendar for quiet time and time to do things that make you happy. The point of life is not to be busy but to enjoy it.

Take care of being you

There is only one you so stop trying to be like everyone else. Take care of the things that make you unique. Embrace them and own them.

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