Why we feel less than perfect: Time Management

Do you always feel busy and like you never have enough time? Does this make you forget things or miss appointments? I know when I forget something I feel horrible and less than perfect (especially if it’s something with my kids). Sometimes it’s better to take a step back and look how you are managing your time. These are some of my tips for getting more time in your life to do the things you love.

Time Management

Prioritize your day

When you first plan your day think of the one thing that you know you have to get done that day. The thing that no matter what it has to be taken care of. Focus on the one item first. Only put that thing on your planner and when you are going to do it. Having to only focus on one thing makes us less stressed and keeps our mind focused. You can read a post I wrote about only having one thing on your schedule HERE.

Now I know you are thinking but I have more than one thing that has to be done that day. Then list them in order of importance. Do not focus on the other ones until the one above it is done first. If you are thinking of all 5 things that have to be done that day then you are not giving 100% to any of them. Focus on one, give 100% percent and be in the moment with that one item then move onto to the next one.

You do not always need to be busy

Whenever anyone asks how you are doing, do you say “busy”. It’s like a badge of honor to tell people you are busy. Everyone seems to be busy but if we are always busy are you truly enjoying life? We need to take time for ourselves and to rest.  It’s not healthy to be running around all the time without stopping to relax.

When you are doing your schedule, put in time for rest. Schedule a time or a day where you do nothing. Then at that time do whatever you feel like doing. If you want to binge watch a show, take a bath or even if you want to take a nap, then do it. It is so important for our minds and our bodies to rest.

Plan Backwards

When you have an event that you need to prepare for, plan it backwards. Start with the time you have to be there then plan the time you have to start driving there, the time you have to start getting ready and also anything you have to do to prepare for the event. Sometimes we need to start preparing months in advance. Make sure to schedule that in your planner.  You don’t want to get to the day of the event and realize that you never planned anything for it.

Reason we feel less than perfect: time management


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