Learning to Love Yourself

One of the hardest things to do is to learn to love yourself. With my need to be perfect all the time I never felt I was good enough. I always compared myself to other people who I thought were getting it right. I never took time for me because I felt I needed to keep going to keep up with all the other “perfect” moms out there.

It wasn’t till I realized that other moms are losing their shit too. There is no such thing as a perfect mom or person. If we were all perfect the world would be a boring place. Starting my journey on doing away with perfect has been difficult. I still find myself stressing about the tiniest details sometimes but the most important thing is I’m trying and I’m giving myself grace.

That started with learning to accept who I am – every imperfect inch of me. I had to realize that I can’t give to others or my kids when my tank is empty. I need to take the time to sit with myself and learn about me and why I felt this need to be perfect.

I found the deep cause of my need for perfection was I felt I was being judged by other mothers. I wanted to prove that I could do it all and make it look easy. I hid the part where I collapsed into bed every night and didn’t even have time to play with my kids or appreciate them. I had to learn to let go of comparing myself to others and feeling I had to do it all.

I started small by spending 15 minutes with just myself in the morning. I journal and read self-help books. When I felt myself get stressed over something I would stop and take a deep breath and ask myself how important is this. If it wasn’t that important I would let it go (sometimes that’s easier said than done). While I still have my doubts about myself as a mother, I am happy with who I am because I know I am trying my best and that’s all that matters.


4 thoughts on “Learning to Love Yourself

  1. This is so important to remember. We’re all losing it 🙂 but, like you I’m Incorporating DAILY self-care and it has changed my life. So I lose it a little bit less often. I used to be the mom that literally could not be anywhere on time and consistently forgot everything. Now I only do that 45% of the time 🙂 Progress over perfection!

    It also helped when I realized that those moms who make it look easy are just better at hiding their breakdowns than I am.

    You’re doing awesome! Good luck on your journey 🙂

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