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Learning to ask for help workbook

Do you find it hard to ask others for help? Do you not want to admit that you need help because you are afraid of being seen as a failure. As moms it’s so hard to admit that we can’t do it all. Getting help doesn’t mean we are bad moms it just means we are human.

This workbook will walk you through recognizing the signs of needing help, admitting you need help and asking for help. It is a 10 page workbook that helps guide you through what is stopping you from asking and accepting help from others.  As an added bonus I did a week of Facebook Lives in my group, Let’s Be Real, going page by page through the workbook with you. I am including those live videos with the download for the workbook to help with accountability.  Sign up below to get the free workbook delivered to your inbox.

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A workbook that walks you through step by step to teach you that it is okay to ask for help sometimes.

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