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Facebook Group

If you are looking for support and a community of like minded women then check out my Facebook Group, Let’s be Real. This group is for women who are tired of trying to be perfect and just want to enjoy life. We want to stop comparing and really embrace who we are while learning to truly love ourselves.

I believe that connecting with others helps us on this journey of loving our imperfect selves. We need help and support from others and that is what this Facebook Group is about. There is absolutely no judgement or bashing in this group (I monitor it very closely). I am in the group everyday and always reply to your comments.

I called the group Let’s Be Real because I think perfection is a mask to hide who we truly are. We need to embrace our real selves and learn to love who we are. This group is about being real to yourself and expressing that. If you have trouble with this then this group is a great first step to start with.

What can you expect

I do posts, questions, tips and tricks about everyday life and help you learn that it doesn’t need to be perfect if it works for you. I do live and recorded videos to give you value that you can use in your life.

There are also monthly courses that are a week long that cover all different topics. If you know a topic that will help you post it in the group. I love getting suggestions. If you want to learn more about courses coming up then click HERE.

So share your story, struggles, joys and imperfections. No judgement in this group, We are hear to connect and support each other on this messy journey called life. Click HERE to join!

Facebook group: Let's Be Real

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