Doing Away with Mom Guilt

Mom guilt – we all have it. There is always something that we feel we are doing wrong or something that we see other moms doing better than us. It’s always there in the back of our minds making us feel like horrible moms. We need to stop and just realize that we are doing the best we can.

The biggest thing I feel guilty about is not spending enough time with my kids. I work outside the house Monday through Friday so there’s the guilt of not being able to volunteer in their classrooms or go on field trips. I can’t even get them off the bus after school. There’s also 3 of them. They all want my attention and if I focus on one more than the others then they get mad and think I like one kid more than the other. Then I feel guilty for making them feel that way. It’s a vicious cycle.

I made a solution to feeling overwhelmed and guilty about this. Each night I take time to really listen to them. Sometimes it’s the 10 minutes before bed because that is all I can fit in. But 10 minutes is better than nothing. It doesn’t have to be perfect. I just have to show them that they have my undivided attention. They really just want mom to hear them. But now I feel guilty if I don’t get to one child that night because it was really busy or I feel asleep early or I was sick.

My point is there will always be something to feel guilty about even if you thought you came up with a solution for it. But look around – are your kids happy? Are they feed? Do they have clean clothes? (some days my answers are no to these questions but I try). You are doing the best you can. I know I must be doing something right when my kids hug me and tell me they love me. I think the mom guilt will always be there but all we can hope is that our children know we tried. It wasn’t always perfect but mom loves them and that’s all that matters.


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