Doing away with busy

It’s like a badge of honor to be busy. We associate being busy with having a fulfilled life and always doing something. But is it really? Are we just over-stressing ourselves? Being busy doesn’t mean we have a great life. Maybe we are running ourselves crazy and not taking any time to rest. I think it’s alright to do away with busy, to try to slow down and not fill our schedules up. Let’s enjoy life more and do more of the things we love. Here are some of my tips to stop being busy and relax more.

Do away with filling your schedule

Every space on your planner does not need to be filled. Leave some white space to do nothing. You do not need to have something to do every minute of the day. If having blank space on your planner bothers you then schedule in rest time. Put your favorite hobbies or a nap on your schedule. Make yourself a priority.

Do away with saying yes.

You do not have to do everything. You can say no to some things. People will understand. If it’s something you just can’t fit in or you really don’t want to do – then say no. I know saying no is hard but trust me it will be such a relief to not have to do something that you just didn’t have time for or hate to do. I wrote a blog post about how you don’t have to do everything that you can read HERE.

Do away with overextending yourself.

Stop putting so many things to do so close together. Pick one thing to focus on at a time. Pick that one activity that absolutely needs to be done and focus on that one thing getting done. Try for a week only scheduling one thing to do every evening and see how it feels to you. I found it freeing. I didn’t feel so rushed or stressed. You can read about it how I pick only one thing HERE.

Do away with beating yourself up.

When we over schedule and are running around like crazy we tend to forget something. Slowing down and not filling our schedules up gives us the chance to really enjoy what we are doing and to be more present. When you don’t have a thousand things to do then you don’t feel bad when you forget one.  When we stop being so busy, we enjoy life more and we are not so hard on ourselves.

Doing away with busy



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