Christmas tradition

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love how peaceful it is (if you stay away from stores). The excitement that my kids have all month waiting for Santa to come makes me feel young again. I love the decorations and putting up the tree. I also love the traditions that come with the holidays.

My favorite tradition is on Christmas Eve when we stay in our pajamas all day and watch Christmas movies. I love it because it doesn’t have to be perfect. We don’t have to look nice or even shower. The goal is to relax and enjoy each other’s company. We usually have a picnic on the floor of our living room. We make finger foods and put a blanket out on the floor. I don’t worry about crumbs because I can just shake the blanket outside when done. So I’m not constantly telling the kids to eat over their plate. I get to not care today.

This is the time we also give our gifts to each other. I feel that the kids get a lot of presents on Christmas morning so I want them to remember what they gave each other. Each of the kids buys a gift for the others and then they take turns opening it and really thanking their sibling for their gift. This is also the time that I give them their pajamas to wear later that night.

Around 5pm is when we have to get ready and we go to my in-laws for a get together. I am fortunate that I love my in-laws. I love just going and enjoying their company. The kids get to run around with their cousins and get some energy out before going home to wait for Santa.

It’s not perfect or fancy but I look forward to Christmas Eve all year long. I love snuggling with my kids and enjoying the magic of the season. Comment below with your favorite holiday tradition. I would love to hear about it.


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