Perfection Challenge

Overcoming Perfection challenge

Is your need for perfection taking over your life? Is it making you and everyone around you miserable? Do you want to work on overcoming perfection but you don’t know where to start? Then this challenge is definitely for you.  Stop worrying about how other moms are going to persevere you and start enjoying motherhood and time with your kids.

I’ve been there. My family use to not even want to be around me because nothing was ever good enough. My need for everything to be perfect made it so I wasn’t enjoying life or motherhood.  This made me feel stressed and overwhelmed.

What is included?

This free 5 day challenge will walk you through changing your mindset, not comparing yourself to other mothers and setting your priorities so you can relax more and not feel so overwhelmed.  For 5 days you will get an email and a video from me. Sometimes it’s easier to read something and sometimes it’s easier to watch something. This gives you the option so you could decide which is better for you.

Each day will have a lesson that will lead you to start overcoming your need for perfection. There is also a freebie in each email to help you on your journey. The freebie will go along with that days lesson to help you implement the lesson.

There is also a Facebook group where we share our struggles, happiness and especially our imperfects while supporting each other and learning to overcoming our need for perfection. Click HERE to join.

Sign up below to start enjoying your life again and stop worrying about perfection.

overcoming perfection challenge