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Is Perfectionism masking fear?

Is perfectionism masking a fear?

Do you ever have something that you are just really scared of doing? You are afraid you will fail or afraid of what people will think of you. Do you not even start something because you don’t think  you can do it perfectly? Are you just using that as an excuse?

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Why we feel less then perfect: mindset

Reasons we feel less than perfect: mindset

Most of the time we do not feel perfect. I know I don’t. I make a lot of mistake and sometimes slack off and I don’t do what I’m suppose to. We all do it because we are only human and there is no such thing as perfect. You can not be perfect but you can be the perfect you. There is only one you and you are perfectly that person. So let’s strive to be the best version of you. Here are a few ways that we feel less than perfect and how to change them around. Now these things won’t make you perfect but they will help you live to your full potential.

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Adding more gratitude

adding more gratitude

The have been millions of posts written about how you should be writing down what you are grateful for every day and I do believe that you should. But we need to do more then just write them down once and forget about them. It is so easy to focus on our problems and let them bring us down but we need to step up the gratitude that we do have in our lives. Here are a few tips to add more gratitude to your life:

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Is perfectionism ruining your life?

Is Perfectionism ruining your life

I am a recovering perfectionist. I am working hard on it everyday by focusing on my new motto of done is better than perfect.  Being a perfectionist was ruining my life and making my family miserable.  I realized that I needed to change in order to be happy and have a happy life. Here are some examples of how perfectionism was ruining my life and my tips to how I’m working on overcoming it.

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When you don’t feel like it

Don't feel like it

Do you ever feel like you just do not want to do something? Not just the I’m tired and don’t feel like it but the I don’t feel this is right for me or this does not bring me joy feeling.

If you are just doing something because it’s what other people are doing or what you feel they expect from you but you are miserable then I’m giving you permission right now to stop doing it. Life is too short to spend on things that make you unhappy.  Here are a few of my tips to help when you don’t want to do something.

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Turning negative thoughts to positive ones

Turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts

How many times a day do you tell yourself something negative? I know I usually hear “you’re not good enough” or “you will never lose the weight” at least once a day.  We are our own worst enemy. I would never ever talk to another person like that so why do we talk to ourselves like that.

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Does self comparison drive you crazy?


I think our need to be perfect comes from many things but one main issue is comparison. We look at someone else’s life and think that they have it all together. They are doing everything right and they look great while doing it.  Well let me just tell you that no one has the shit together 100% of the time. There’s absolutely no way that is possible.

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Trying to be Perfect at Everything

I use to be a perfectionist. I would drive myself crazy worrying about every little detail and trying to make everything just right. Not only did I drive myself crazy but I drove everyone around me crazy too. My kids had to have the perfect outfit, birthday and presents. Every time my husband did something to help me out it wasn’t good enough because he did it wrong. I would spend entire weekends cleaning my house so it looked amazing (which is next to impossible with 3 kids). I was getting burnt out trying to make my life look perfect.

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