You are not a burden


I think one of the biggest reasons that we don’t like to ask for help is we don’t want to burden anyone. Others have enough problems without us adding to them.  We don’t want to add more to their plate so we don’t ask.  The thing is thought that when people really care about you then you are not a burden to them. The people who care about you the most want to help you. Here are some tips for asking for help and not feeling like a burden.

Offer to help them first

Usually when someone helps us we want to help them too. If we offer the help first then maybe they will offer to help us. Think of something that you need help with and offer that help to them. Maybe you want a date night with your husband so offer to babysit their kids in exchange for them babysitting for you for a night.  It is not selfish to ask for something in return for your help. Yes I know that we should just help people but sometimes if we don’t ask then they don’t know we need the help.

Talk to someone close to you

Pick someone that you trust and know they care about you and just talk to them about what is going on. Sometimes getting everything off your chest makes you feel so much better.  Sometimes just having to someone to listen is all the help we need. This person might have suggestions or offer help to you. It’s okay to open up and tell someone how you feel.  It will be hard at first but I guarantee that you will feel so much better.

Just ask straight out

This is probably the hardest one to do but if you feel you are inconveniencing someone’s life then just ask them straight out. Ask them if helping you out is an issue for them. Ask if there is something you can do for them to make it easier. When you ask them for help ask if it is putting too much on them. Tell them that you care about them and you don’t want to burden them. Most of the time I bet they tell you that it’s fine because they want to help you.

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you are not a burden to people who care about you


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