5 Things I do in the evening to have a better Morning

You always hear people say that in order to have a good morning you need to start the night before. I do believe this is true. My mornings are anything but perfect. You can read about my mornings HERE but there are some things I do the night before so I don’t feel so rushed in the mornings.

FYI: These are things I do now that my kids are older (they are 16, 10 and 5). This was not as easily done when they were younger. So if you have younger kids you might have to do more for them in the evenings.

  1. Pack Lunches

My kids usually buy the school lunches. It’s just easier on me if they buy plus they like them. I always bring my lunch to work so to save time in the morning I pack it the night before. This usually only takes 10-20 minutes so I squeeze it in while my girls are doing dishes. I can talk with them while I pack so we get a little girl time in too.

  1.       Pick out my clothes

My kids are in charge of their own clothes every morning. I even switched my son’s dresser out for small storage bins so he can easily get his own clothes out.  So again I am only in charge of my clothes. I pick everything out (even under garments) and put it on top of my dresser so I can just grab it in the morning. So much easier than standing there and wasting 10 minutes trying to decide what to wear in the morning.

  1.      Go over the schedule for the next day

Check to see if anyone has an activity and needs anything like a uniform washed for it. Make sure they have everything put together for school or any activities the night before so they can just grab it the next day. Make arrangements for who is taking who where and what time. I do this because I can not tell my husband anything more than a day in advance or he forgets so the night before is a good time to plan it for us.

  1.        Pick up the downstairs

There is nothing that can ruin my morning like coming downstairs to a messy house. I do a quick clean up every night before bed to get everything off the floor, end tables and dining room table. I feel so much better when I can just come downstairs and I don’t have to clear a space for me to workout every morning. This is just one of those small tasks that make my day run smoother.

  1.        Spend time with my husband

This probably should have been first on the list but it’s actually the last thing I do in the evening so I put it last. We are both so busy during the day and evening with work and kids that sometimes I don’t think we even really talk to each other. Now every night when we put our youngest to bed we sit down and just relax with each other. It’s my favorite part of the night when I get to reconnect with him and just enjoy time together. It doesn’t happen every night but we are working on it.

Let me know what you do every evening to make your mornings run smoother. If there is anything I missed that you do let me know.


  1. Nicole | The Professional Mom Project

    February 20, 2017 at 3:12 pm

    Great list. I try to do all of these as well although I’m not great at packing my own lunch most days. Something I need to work on for sure!

    1. JillianGrover

      February 20, 2017 at 4:44 pm

      Thank you Nicole. I understand that. Some nights I really just don’t feel like it but then I think how I have to get up a few minutes earlier to pack it. I like my sleep so that usually helps motivate me to do it.

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